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Don't take our word for it......

"We purchased several lab navigator interfaces and probes to monitor and control experimental wastewater reactors. The pH, Conductivity, Optical DO, and temperature probes are working very well for our reactor monitoring. With product suggestions and technical support from Synaptic Sensors, we are in the process of implementing low cost DO control with the optical DO probe and Arduino. Synaptic Sensor’s service has been excellent; it has provided us the equipment we needed on short order and further they have supported us when we have had technical challenges."


Zachary Scott

Western Region Program Manager

Trojan Technologies


From a Canadian User of our pH/ORP/TEMP Pocket Meter

"I received my meter yesterday and it looks great and can't wait to put it to good use. Just wanted thank you for the smooth transaction."

Our personal favorite commenting on our trainers. 

“You girls rock!" 

    - GC trainee and newly hatched GC user


From a Colorado Family Health Clinic to a Colorado Newspaper

"Salud Family Health is taking fracking seriously, and they’re using a new device created by Fort Collins-based Forston Labs to help them discover any of the oil and gas industry’s impacts to patients’ drinking water.

Ed Hendrikson started the environmental health program at Salud Family Health Centers 27 years ago, and Salud’s clinics have been testing patients’ drinking water for various contaminants ever since.....

...The first customer for the kit was a health clinic in southwest Pennsylvania, where oil and gas companies are drilling the Marcellus shale. Next in line for the kit was Salud.

“This test is touted to be sort of a screening test, not a positive or negative for a large amount of benzene due to fracking,” Hendrikson said. “It just sort of says that there’s something in with the water that indicates it might be that.”

From a Concerned Landowner in an Oil and Gas Production Area

 "I appreciate the light-weight portability and self-containment as well as the ability to attach a variety of additional sensors, enabling further insight into potential contamination of water sources. Conductivity, in particular, is a very useful measurement. Once a thorough baseline is conducted, a sustained spike in conductivity sampling could alert landowners or watershed monitoring groups to pursue comparison metals and other tests through certified labs. Independently owned field devices are definitely needed in areas where fracking is occurring for purposes of independent, affordable on-going indicator monitoring.

From the deader of a study on the impact of artificial light on turtle hatching on the Florida coast

Forston Labs products provide portability, compactness and a range of features that have provided us with a great testing platform for analyzing spectral lighting which impacts the baby sea turtles on Florida's beaches. Cities, business and condominiums are faced with the reduction of certain wavelengths of light that attracts the hatchling. sea turtles toward land where they cannot survive. Through the use of the LabNavigator, NavSpec Plus Spectrophotometer, and optical fiber cable we are able to analyze the output of lighting fixtures and individual bulbs. With Forston Labs' added capability of outputting the results to a printer or memory device, the location can have immediate results so they can start a corrective process. "

From a researcher at the Colorado School of Mines

3)   "After purchasing this product along with a number of wet probes I needed to begin integrating the LabNavigator with an existing computer-based supervisory control system, the customer support staff at Forston Labs was very helpful and knowledgeable about how to do this. I got my system up and running in no time. Not only is the LabNavigator a quality instrument, but the manufacturer tech support exceeded my expectations.

"You guys have been great."

From a happy Texas Gardener

 "Great product, lots of features. Product used in my garden lab. The storage capacity. is amazing for running long monitoring. I watch my CO2 like a hawk and this does the job nicely. Then I switch out during the day and take sample readings from my plants with the other sensors and keep everything recorded. Most of the sensors are good, the pH is pretty cheap, but it came with a extra one that is much better. The soil moisture sensor was a little troublesome until I called and talked to support and got the correct way to use it. Overall, I like it and I don't have to have four different meters - which I love.

Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend this to a friend"  

From a California hydroponics operator

    "Thanks for all the your help and encouragement on our “Know More, Grow More” project.  Using the LabNavagator makes taking and recording plant progress a breeze.  From the cloning stage thru vegetation and harvest, we use LabNavagator for everything from testing the pH and temperature in our organic teas to the CO2 levels in our greenhouses.  We are very excited in receiving the new Lux meter.

Great products and you guys have been great."

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